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There are many reasons why a newborn may be reluctant to nurse. If your newborn is not latching on to the breast, is too sleepy to take his first feed or needs medical attention, you can ask your health care team to show you how to hand express and give your colostrum by teaspoon or syringe. Your baby may sleep for a few hours after this first feed — feel free to cuddle him and wake him if you want to feed.

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Because they can't see exactly how much milk a baby is drinking when breastfeeding, some mums worry if their growing baby is getting enough. Around day your breasts will fill with even more milk in response to your baby's feeding patterns and growing tummy. Watch out for your baby's cues telling you they're hungry, start feeding and keep going for as long as they want - this is how your body knows how much milk to make.

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If you are experiencing one of the following problems, it is advisable to seek professional advice:. Some new moms find breast-feeding easy right from the start. Others find it more challenging, especially in the first few weeks.

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The following techniques have proven helpful for a wide range of problems with baby refusing the breast. Some of the babies who might benefit include:. Even if you have a baby who adamantly resists nursing, getting your baby to breast is very possible but it will probably require time, patience, and kangaroo-style frequency. If you have a newborn who is not latching on, do keep in mind that almost all reluctant nursers will start latching by four to eight weeks of life.

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By Teresa Pitman May 1, Photo: iStockPhoto. His sucking slows down and his body relaxes against yours as he falls asleep, your nipple still in his mouth.

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Look for these four signs to tell if Baby is full. It's one of the most common questions among new breastfeeding moms: Is my baby getting enough breast milk? The good news?

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Qualified child health nurses are available to provide you with breastfeeding advice and support from am to pm, 7 days a week for the cost of a local call. The simple answer is whenever your baby is hungry or seeking comfort. It's normal for newborns to feed 8 to 12 times in 24 hours, including several times during the night.

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Most healthy newborns are ready to breastfeed within the first hour after birth. Holding your baby directly against your bare skin called "skin-to-skin" contact right after birth helps encourage him or her to start breastfeeding. You also should ask about "rooming in," which means having your baby stay in your room with you instead of in the hospital nursery. Having your baby nearby makes it easier to breastfeed while you are still in the hospital.

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Many factors can trigger a breast-feeding strike — when a baby refuses to breast-feed for a period of time after breast-feeding well for months. Typically, the baby is trying to tell you that something isn't quite right. During a breast-feeding strike, your baby might appear happy to go to your breast — but then act disinterested or start to cry.

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Weaning can come with a lot of mixed emotions. You may feel excited at the new independence you and you baby can both enjoy, as well as some sadness as your baby moves to another stage in her life. This is completely normal.


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